20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Hi, Hagar here! I''m a calm, cute-tempered kitten and love to be with my people! I can be a picky eater sometimes, but I''m pretty chill other than that. Come meet me today!
20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Hi, my name''s Miriam! I''m an independent and adventurous kitty, and like to do my own thing. If I come to you, I like to cuddle and sit in your lap, and love an ear scratch or two. Come meet me today!
20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Rousseau- male, siamese Hey my name is Rousseau like the philosopher. I am pretty chill for a kitten, I love laying in the sun and cuddling up next to people. When I am feeling extra lovey dovey I like to curl up right on foster moms neck/sholder. I ...
20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Shellie- tabby/white female He there! I am Shellie and I am all about the attitude. I have a huge personality that I would love to share with you. Seriously I love attention and cuddles, and I am not afraid to for it with chirps, meows and coos. Also...
20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Rex- male tabby, with white Hey, my name is Rex. I am a total love bug with my people. I always want to be right next to you, and am even happier if I am laying on your chest right next to your face. I like to play and have fun, but would mostly like...
20-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Roxy- gray female Roxy here. I am a small petite girl that is soft and precious. My eyes are so pretty and I just love to stare and blink at my humans, especially when they are petting me. I am the kind of cat that will follow you around anywhere you go...
Panther is a lovely black kitty who would love nothing more than to be your best buddy. He wants to meet you today because he's pretty sure you'd be perfect for him. Panther has tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which means that she has been exposed to the virus and may have may have a weakened immune system. He is otherwise healthy. Cats who are FIV-positive can live lon...
Look at this good kitty! She looks surprised that no 1 has adopted her yet. She loves the fluffy bed and cat towers the staff at Petsense has for her. But she'd love a real bed and her own things to climb on with you. She lives up to her name, being the cutest, most angelic cat you could imagine. Please come and see her soon. You can meet him/her at Petsense in Franklin, 1203 Murfreesboro Blvd,...
Cheeky is 6 yrs old. We dont have a lot of background information on him, since he came in as a stray, but he's a friendly boy and gets along fine with the other cats in Meow Manor. Please come in to meet him and consider giving him his forever home. Cheeky has tested postive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which means that he has been exposed to the virus and may have may have a weake...
Six-year-old Candace has calm, peaceful presence. She likes to relax in quiet spots and loves being petted. She would make a nice TELEVISION watching companion and would enjoy just hanging out with you any time. Please come and meet this lovable little girl in Meow Manor. Candace has tested postive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which means that she has been exposed to the virus and m...
Meet Bonesy! She's ten years old and gets along well with everyone! She is a cute girl who can't wait for a home of her own where she can spend every day snuggling with you, playing, napping, and living the great life. Please come and meet her today; she's a beauty! E-mail XXXX@gmail.com for more info! E-mail XXXX@yahoo.com for more information!
Baby is such a cool cat. For starters, she is a two year old polydactyl, which means she has extra toes on her front feet. She'd make a nice catcher on a kitty baseball team. She loves children, dogs and other cats. She just strolls calmly around our open cat room looking for someone to pet her. She likes our bridges and climbing towers as well. Come and see if she is the Baby for you! E-mail X...
Meet Baby! This 3yr old beauty was surrendered by her family for medical reasons, through no fault of her own. She is very wonderful and loves nothing more than a good petting session. She'd make a nice companion and is waiting for a new family to love. She gets along with the other cats in Purr Palace, although she often finds a quiet place to relax. Please come and meet her. E-mail XXXX@gmail...
Mr. Skitters is a sleek ten year old who is looking for love. He likes chin scratches, movies on the couch and soft blankets. He loves to play and is very affectionate. He is okay with other cats, but we aren't sure about children or dogs yet. Won't you come and see if he could be your snuggle buddy? E-mail XXXX@gmail.com for more information! E-mail XXXX@yahoo.com for more information!
Piper is 1 gorgeous gal! She's soft and fluffy, and she attracts a lot of attention with those exquisite green eyes! This lovely diva would prefer to be the only pet, and would love a feather toy to play with, please. She was recently de-clawed and might need a little patience while she adapts. She'll need to be an inside-only cat for her safety. Do you have a spot in your heart and your home f...
19-Sep-2018Hermitage, TN+25 milesCats for Sale
This is Snickers, the cutest eleven pound boy you will ever meet! Snickers is the fluffiest, most gorgeous green eyed cat you ve ever had the pleasure of snuggling. His affection level is perfect and his laidback nature makes him excellent for relaxing at the end of a long day. He has grown up around a little dog, his sister (Kit-Kat), a bird, an 8yr old boy and recently a baby girl. He s incre...
19-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Hi, my name''s Gabby! I''m an energetic and playful kitty, and I get along well with other cats. I like to groom my humans, so if you''re up for some nice, clean fun, cmoe meet me today!
19-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
Spotty is a seven week old male kitten (maybe?) vetting Monday. He is adorable, cuddly and playful. He has a loud and rhythmic purr. There are not obvious issues. He was dumped at a relatives home and we just could not leave him to fate. We can not have cats in our home long-term because our 2 dogs are not cat friendly and we have family allergies. We just know that he is so love-able that he w...
19-Sep-2018Spring Hill, TN+12 milesCats for Sale
Chevy is such a lovable cat. She loves to snuggle and follows me everywhere. She will snuggle up as soon as you sit down. We found her in a Chevy truck engine...hints the name. She had rode in there for over two hours! She is a runt...she will not got any bigger than what she is now. She is a forever kitten!! I would love to keep her, but after trying everything my cat will not accept her and b...
19-Sep-2018Nashville, TN+17 milesCats for Sale
This lovable (~six-month-old) girl was rescued from out in the big bad world with a severe injury to her spine. She wasn't able to really walk on her back legs due to an abscess on her spine that appeared to be caused by a bite. We don't know what h...
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